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    A hybrid mobile travel app to book flight tickets and check-in
Design a hybrid travel app to book flight tickets and check-in.
Two primary personas, Frequent Flyer & Leisure Traveler, were derived based on market & secondary research. While most frequent flyers would be regular users and tech-savvy, the focus was also on providing a seamless experience to leisure travelers too. The persona helped empathize with the user’s needs, and the design imperatives steered the design thinking & approach.
The use case taken for the journey was a cognitive walkthrough of booking a flight on FlyScoot, as that was the benchmark/reference for the project. Opportunities & design insights derived from the persona & user journey aided in refining the user’s experience.
A user task flow was conceptualized from the journey map. The flow chart also helped identify key screen types and features (call to action, process, etc.)
Key screens & features derived from the user task flow facilitated the navigation, layout & components of the the first draft of design concepts.
Once the layout & design flow were finalized, wireframes were designed with actual content (flight information, form fields, etc.). The approach for searching a flight was such that two pieces of the same puzzle were placed in one screen make it seem like one step instead of two (departing & arriving airports, departure & return date, departing & returning flight), thus reducing the cognitive load on the user. A fixed action bar with flight price & details was designed for visibility & ease of access during the flight booking process.
Based on user testing and testing by quality analysts from the client, the final outcome was a streamlined experience by habituating the user’s mental model to the consistency in design, and easy learning curve on usage of the application. The final design was an adaptive design for tablet & mobile. It was well appreciated from the users of the older design of the application. (Only key excerpts from the mobile flow have been discussed as majority of the usage was booking a flight & check-in on a mobile device)