Numbers is a Moscow-based company, dedicated to the principles of fine craftsmanship, timeless design, and the celebration of country’s cultural heritage. They embrace the concept of exclusivity as the inspiration for all our distinctive designs.

Brand’s concept is set around mathematics, geometry, and figures. Numbers makes only limited edition goods where every item is personalised and has its own number. The logo unites two visual symbols: № as a sign of numeration and the double-struck capital N, which is a symbol for natural numbers.


Numbers has stepped into the business with its premium clothing line, featuring a unique selection of iconic images and illustrations. Every t-shirt is one of a limited edition, handcrafted with care in Moscow using only the highest quality materials. All t-shirts are united under thematic series; the first one is devoted to VHS movie heroes.


Every t-shirt is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, filled in with unique number for each item and signed by the founder. It verifies the t-shirt is one of the limited series. All stationery goods are printed on 100% cotton paper. T-shirts are delivered in hard cardboard box to emphasise the exclusivity and keep product safe.


Website design completes clean and modern identity style. A lot of white space, bright and light photos, and overall mood are complemented by thorough choice of the fonts. The responsive web design is within a standard for contemporary website. 

The main page serves the purpose of catching customer’s attention and provides essential information about Numbers brand.
The text blocks are paired with clean images of the products.

Product page

Simple vertical structure of this page makes product preview more ‘native’ with just a vertical scroll. Info block with price & size follows the scrolling page and is always on top.


art-director: Pavel Emelyanov
design: Pavel Emelyanov, Irina Emelyanova
coding: Victor Shkidina
photography: Anatoly Vasiliev
illustrations: Viktor Miller-Gausa

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