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    An unusual short graphic book about famous movies.
How can you not love movies? For most of us the dark hall of the cinema is memories, emotions, dreams, and a variety of other things, most of which are pleasant (with the exception of the attacks of coughing and people with voluminous hairstyles).
But it’s not always easy to find a quick 238 minutes for the umpteenth viewing of Gone with the Wind. We have found a solution for this: Film in Five Seconds, which lets you to relive your favourite movie moments in no more time than it takes to set the washing machine, delete some spam or get dumped. In an instant, you can experience again all those times when ET moved you, The Shining terrorized you, and Inception made absolutely no sense at all to you.
It is a simple system, one we call "Shortology" (and which has already given rise to Life In Five Seconds, this book’s predecessor,) for lack of a better term. Basically, it involves removing all the unnecessary bits, to leave you with a few graphical icons.

We hope you will find your favourite films in this book. Of course, if your favorite film is one in which the protagonist is a performing squid or one that tells a heartbreaking story of love between decathletes, you may not find what you’re looking for. But for everyone else, your favourite movies are probably in here, even if you fall into such bizarre demographics as "men who like Pretty Woman" or "women who do not like Pretty Woman".
The book is like a quiz, and the game is to guess the film from the graphics. Come on, it’s not that hard: how many movies have a six-legged horse with a plug-in tail, or a woman who uses an umbrella to fly? If you like movies, you’ll be able to get most of them, even without looking at the answers at the back of the book.

So, enjoy the movies, but be quick about it.