OFFF Russia 2015
Motion Graphics
German Kuhtenkov did the impossible: he made OFFF come to Russia! He asked Designcollector founder Arseny Vesnin to make an Art Direction of the visual identity for the festival. Together with Nord Collective (Vladimir Tomin and Alex Frukta) we were honoured to help! 
To overcome project of such a huge scale, Nord Collective joined forces with good people from Designcollector, IKRA, Fork and Shishki, bringing simple idea to life, in both physical and electronic form!

Music by brilliant Cosmic Setter.
OFFF RUSSIA 2015 Main Video and Bumpers:
Art Direction: Arseny Vesnin
Production: Nord Collective
Music: Arseny Sysoletin

We called it in-head Rendering.
And this is how we came up with this visual concept:
We had to answer two questions:

    1.    What is next?
    2.    What will loop?
Answers helped us great deal. Here is our version: 

    1.    What is next? Where and how technology will evolve? 
There is possibility future of technology will be all about quantum computers.
Also there is possibility future holds something we can’t even imagine yet.
But we think that major way of technological development for humankind in near future is some kind of symbiosis of man and machine and all kinds of interfaces in-between. 

    2.    What will loop? Fashion is a spiral. What part of the past will re-appear as large part of the future?
Nowdays graphics in computer games and movies is so realistic it leaves us almost no space for imagination! 
There is a good possibility that sometime soon there will be some kind of step back from super-real-no-imagination-involved-super-easy-to-understand graphics to some kind of totally different experience, relying more on imagination and open mind and probably other senses involved. 
Having those two questions answered we came up with our visual idea:
Symbiosis of human and technology via imagination, rendering picture right inside viewers head by feeding absolute minimum of visual, motion and audio information. The most valuable part of this concept is that all viewers will render very different picture in their imagination, unique for each viewer. 

Thank you and happy rendering!
OFFF Russia festival took place at workspace 10-11 of October 2015. Web presence:
Main star-speakers: Unit9, Ideo, Joshua Davis, Akqa, Mucho.

Festival schedule: 

One: performances
Two: workshops 
Based on Nord Collective's idea we decide to move forward and follow the imagination.
Our brain is a most productive render farm: every moment of our presence it bulds what we called Reality.
It collects the information from everything we see or hear, tags it to use in "realuty building" It could recall patterns and helps us to understand images even with a lack of data. We can guess what we see while our brains work with data: collecting, taging and building our personal or collective presence. We made some static and motion graphics for festival as well as wayfinding system and advertising materials. We are also honoured to make one of the festival's official posters with incredible Joshua Devis.
OFFF Russia 2015
Multiple Owners
Alex Frukta