FONTYOURSELF (aka the very first Fontself project)
Mixing high-tech with low-tech. Or when real fun happens...
The very first image generated with Fontself.
This text was actually computed in a 3D modeling & rendering software (3DSMax), using a particle generator to position each hand-drawn letter in the 3D space. Each letter was mapped to a tiny square, all of them magically flying in the virtual space =)
Broader view of the 3D letter cloud. 
Fontself's initial font editor (prototype coded in Flash)
Fontself Creator, alpha 0.1
This app never shipped, must be retired somewhere on a backup Zip and CD-ROMs...
Franz Hoffman, "Jack of all trades, master of none"
Marc Escher, the coder
Pierre Terrier, the type designer
Rosetta Stone, circa 2007 (revisited by Fontself)