Family Reunion Logos
Are we related?
This project showcases the design work I have done for family reunions.  So far I have only done two, but I really enjoy capturing a family in a logo, so I hope more work lies in store for me in the future.
 This is the first logo design I did for a family reunion.  An extended member of my family commissioned me to design something similar to a family crest of sorts.  The result was this, which they used for their 2009 reunion.  It was printed onto the bulletin for the weekend, embroidered onto polo shirts, and a simplified version was used for souvenir cups.
 This is the simplified version of the Bolden family reunion logo for use on the souvenir cups.
How the logo appeared on the shirt.
 This time after seeing the Bolden family reunion logo, a friend of the extended family got in contact with me to design a logo for their upcoming reunion in Atlanta, GA.  She wanted the skyline in the image and the theme incorporated, "The Dream Lives On".
After the Revels family reunion design went over well I was contacted again for another reunion shirt, I went with a plant theme on this one.