Nucco Brain were commisioned to create an editorial illustration
for the marketing and media magazine, the Drum.
The illustration is to accompany an article about the progression of marketing
and the way in which the consumer's searches are being utilized. 
"Search is no longer about keywords but about concepts and semantics.
What people search for reveals a lot about their behaviour, and in turn, allows marketers to create
more tailored experiences. Rather than broadcasting to consumers, search is about discovery. Developments in search technology such as anticipatory search, which provides you with information before you even realise you need it (e.g Google Now, which provides information such as weather updates based on your search history), have exemplified this.
What implications does this have for marketing strategies?
For instance, how can marketers create more personalised experiences based on search asdconcepts?
How can brands extract value from search data, understand consumer intent and act on it accordingly?"
Studio: Nucco Brain
Illustrator: Thomas Gutteridge
Art Direction & Producer: Stefano Marrone
Creative Director: Pedro Allevato
We were also asked to create three extra illustrations to be used throughout the article, taking pieces of the main image.
1x Rectangle and 2x Square.
We began by sketching up a couple of ideas that we thought would best illustrate the article's subject.
The first idea being a marketing machine which collates all of the consumer's searches and data, to then makes sense of it all and create an advertisement that is likely to strike a chord with the consumer, rather than buzzwords which bring up anything and everything, which doesn't end up interesting the consumer.
The second sketch took the approach of the tailored idea, where we have the consumer being measured infront of a three-way mirror by a robotic tailor. We see three versions of the consumer in the mirror, showing his desires as per his internet searches and collected data. We also see he's not far from his desk and computer
with his shadow suggesting his online connection.