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    Artwork Created by James Voon Han Zhong Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Lights Out Before It Runs Out
Student Artwork 2011
Environmental problems such as global warming and climate changes has became a major issue. Therefore I decided to choose a topic regarding environmental issues for my Graphic Design & Society project. Environmental issues are very wide, therefore in order to tackle down and to focus on one particular sector I have done a lot of research.

“Lights Out, Before It Runs Out” is the main concept of the design. The idea is from movies in television whereas we always see the hostel warden shouting “Lights Out!” while closing the lights before the students
goes to sleep. Therefore, I adapt this action into the title to my design as it is a habit of switching off the lights everyday. It is also a more interesting and different slogan which can stand out unique and catch the attention of the audience. By choosing WWF as the supporting act it enhance the power of the campaign.

*Artwork below are created by James Voon

*Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4