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    oil on muslin on board
The Confrontation
Tesla, and Coil
Ok, so this project all started way back at Illuxcon this year.  Some buddies of mine and I went this year and it blew our minds yet again!  Some of the coolest, nicest, and just all around awesome illustrators out there!  Anyway, one night after the show we went to a Denny's rather than take our chances at our shady motel.  After several hours of brainstorming, we had each come up with some ridiculously over the top idea for an illustration.  I decided on illustrating two of my characters, Tesla and Coil (who are twins) and have them doing some crazy "break dance looking type kick shooting lightning everywhere!!" but this eventually was simplified to Tesla jumping over Coil while kicking a bolt of lighting at an enemy.  I spent the next 2 weeks planning out my process: how I was going to take reference pics, who to use, sketches, lighting, size.  Finally I had a sketch and was ready to take reference photos.  I realized I needed some lights that gave off a blue-ish glow so I went and spent about $40 on a camping lantern, and 3 other light bulbs.  From there I took the photos, and did the final sketch, then a color comp in photoshop, and finally I started the painting.