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    watercolor on paper A3
Strange Woodland Creatures
Watercolor on paper, A3
For me, there are always high and low points during the process of making any painting; with this one particularly, there were frequent times that I just wanted to crumple it and throw it in the trash.
For one thing, I had wanted the graphite marks to show through the paint; my intention was to make the watercolor to be as transparent as possible. Anyway, my good intentions were washed away with the water :) and I ended up using the paint too thickly again. I am too used to acrylic paint for my own good.

I also had problems with the composition at some point; actually Im still not entirely happy with how it turned out, but that is watercolor for you. Mistakes are permanent. I was struggled with trying to fix the faces of the girls most, I cheated a bit, and used white acrylic for the highlights on their faces.
Total working time on this piece is approximately 5 days (with plenty of time in between for snacking and reading :))