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    Exploration of the forms of fire, captured through high speed photography.
The Promethean
A Study in Fire
Humanity has one skill that separates us from the rest of the world cycle: the ability to create fire, on command. From the very beginning, we have sought to control this force of nature, to understand it and define it, to harness it to our needs. We even worshipped it as the powerful and changing force that it is.

Today we have harnessed this force to cook our food, heat our homes and build our technology. But, we still worship at the hearth whenever we get the chance. Just watch anyone near a camp fire on a summer evening, or poking in the fireplace on a cold winter night. After throwing in the loose sticks, bits of grass and leaves, poking it with a designated “fire” stick and writing your name in smokey swirls, there comes a quiet moment, as the logs settle and the coals glow, blue, yellow and orange. Turn and watch the faces around the fire, as they watch a flame dance along its source of life.

You can label the process of oxygen combining with organic elements, identify the chemical reaction and the results, reduce it to the component parts as it reduces its world to its components. But, watching the changing, shimmering colors, feeling the heat pushing back the chill night, you cannot stop yourself from seeing shapes forming and dissipating, with depth and seeming sentience.

Promethean Dreams is an exploration of our perceptions of the phenomena of fire. Removing the source, abstracting the background and isolating the flames in their own frame brings the viewer to a place where their subconscious is allowed to tell the story, embellish on it and create their own world view. Each image is named after a mythological being that was created and worshipped for its own fiery elements.

Images are available printed on aluminum or for license.
Myrddin Emrys Galon
Fucanglong - Chinese Treasure Dragon
Ardat Lili
Ladon, the dragon of the Hesperides
Lampros Greek for Brilliant
Lernaean Hydra - a daughter oampros Greek for Brilliant
Myrddin Emrys Galon
Yggdrasill The World Tree