In September 2015 I graduated from the University of Lincoln. During the following month I decided to continue the PUNK PAWS project that I had been working on during third year, but steer it in the direction of becoming a clothing brand. 
Initially I decided that due to the change in product direction, a new logo would be in order. Through early sketches followed by working in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I designed the new PUNK PAWS 'Hell Kitty' logo. I used clean vectored lines, making the logo appear bold whilst also allowing it to be easily transfered onto clothing. The first PUNK PAWS item on sale is the 'Hell Kitty' T-Shirt, which features the new logo screen printed onto the right side of the chest. 
The brand is currently up and running, with presences on social media and using as an online store. 
"We at PUNK PAWS create alternative clothing for animal lovers. The brand was concieved by Joshua Thorpe and Samantha Bennett during their final years of studying at the university of Lincoln. Through their combined love for alternative style and cats, PUNK PAWS was born.
We aim to incorporate the spirit of punk and goth styles into our clothing, whilst also showing the compassionate nature of those who love animals.
Not only do we want to supply the world with some awesome clothing but we would also like to use the brand to have a positive effect on the animal world, and will therefore be donating 10% of our profits from each sale to the Cats Protection charity. 
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