Lithography of the superhero – ”High Fidelity”
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    The lithography ”High Fidelity” – 5 days in the workshop at Björn Lumphés Lithographic, Stockholm. 4 color settings, 30 copies each.
Final retouches on the film that will be used to print the first color – black.
Here are some of the films (all reversed). The black color on each film represents the area where the final color will be.
The film is then used to transfer the motif onto an aluminum plate. Here Björn mounts the aluminum plate. The blue color is where the print color will fasten and print on the paper.
… and here is the print color. It's mixed on a stone plate (in the foreground) with some red medium to get a warmer tone.
Björn Lumphé standing next to his Heidelberg machine.
The first color (black) is printed.
Testing/mixing the blue and the red color.
The blue and the red colors are printed in several layers. Here you see two layers of the blue color.
My stamp signature.
”High Fidelity – red” close up.
High Fidelity in all four color settings. 30 copies of each were printed. All signed and numbered.