After exploring the world of internet censorship and the many solutions to solving the problems of illustrating the topic graphically, i designed various materials to back up my thesis, from informational posters to products and packaging. Each material would keep people aware about internet censorship.
Censorship Stickers - When something is censored, you're covering it up. My idea with designing a sticker would be a string way to illustrate covering things up. Stickers also stick onto the surface you're covering up, making it stay for at least a long time.A strong symbol that can be used when blocking something is a bold X.
The package when closed.
Box and stickers when package is opened.
Thirteen Internet Enemies T-Shirts - These t-shirts illustrate white-on-white censorship, which is used by placing white text on a white background. The information I'm providing, yet hiding, are the thirteen internet enemies, which are countries under strict censorship of the internet.
China - Rank 163
Tunisia - Rank 148
Vietnam - Rank 155