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    Here you'll find a selection of the illustrations I did in 2011.
Illustration 2011
"1981 Technirad mit Anhänger"

I love drawing big bad ass engines, especially if the only thing they do is slow you down because you have to paddle anyway...also check out the bikers headscarf...so tough... and off course he's carrying a box of beers...

"1978 500cc Turbo Tandem"

Some people like to go fast while others like to go slow...putting them on them supercharged turbo engine at the same time is not always a good idea...check out the lovely exhaust...
"Birdhousing Project"

If birds would behave like men, this would be the result don't you think? An overpopulated tree with clear difference between the 99% and the 1%, ;)
"Wakey Wakey, the caffeine operated robot"

The first thing I do when I get up is make myself a BIG cup of coffee, without that I'll be wandering around aimlessly in a surreal world I don't understand, cause coffee is good, but MORE COFFEE IS BETTER!
"1989, Trabant P 601L Konvertierbar"

Back in the day East-German cops used these supercharged turbo Trabant cars in their furious pursuit of criminals and traitors...nowadays you can find them on playgrounds with the coppers still inside...
"1987, Magirus F 70PS Dachlos"

After drawing the Playground police car I had to draw the Fire rescue as well... I love how the Firemen get thrown around by the water hose...next up is the Ambulance
"Berlin - Fernshturm"

UU-theory organized a competition where they asked illustrators to create an image that captures their experience of the city they live in. For me Berlin is one of the most playfull cities so I made this image where waterslides come out of the world famous "Fernsehturm". I ended up second and UU-theory made some beautiful shirts out of this design, yeah! 
"Freak Tours Deluxe"

After doing one of the tourist-bus-tours in Berlin it struck me how surreal these tours actually are. You share something pretty unique with all these people from all over the world who you've never met before and will probably never meet again. This illustration is the result of this experience.
"To Death With A Smile"

For the exhibition To Death With A Smile in the mexican museum of design illustrators and graphic designers were asked to design a poster which depicts this concept. I see live as a roller-coaster and there is something new behind every turn until you've reached that final turn...
"Hairy On A Fixie"

I'm happy to introduce to you mister Hairy Ordinary. Hairy is a simple fellow that loves riding his bike, french fries and drinking a beer in the park. Overall Hairy is happy little lad, but when things go wrong he can get a little upset...
"Warning - Extremely Violent"

Though she looks like she won't hurt a fly, she is very dangerous....but IN CASE OF ATTACK...DO A LITTLE DANCE...
"Hairy drinking Cool Juice"

Hairy is becoming a little bit like an alter ego and here we find him enjoying a little soda while he's learning to play the guitar...I guess...  
"The Conversation"

If two owls would accidentally meet each other on their way to work, what would they be talking about? This and probably a lot more!