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    Branding a Wine Start-up...
Freelance : Start-up Brand/ID
Brand creation and eCommerce Platform sourcing.
This successful start-up in the Wine Merchant sector approached me to create a Brand Identity for their business, the USP of which was for them to become the exclusive importer for certain wineries, and to remove 'wine-snobbery' culture as a barrier to learning, enjoying and purchasing wine.

The final brand name (Glass Half Full) was chosen to reflect values of optimism, fun & accessibility while maintaining a literal reference to the nature of the business. Also, part of the brief was to source an e-Commerce Platform that provided billing, database, search, and invoicing/ticketing systems bundled.

The client now has a solid small-scale, growing customer base, using both online [SEO, Twitter] and offline methods [localized wine clubs & tasting events] to engage prospective customers. The exclusive UK representative for several European producers, the client also has supplier deals with a recognised high-street brand name retailer.

I you like unfussy personable service, and accessible wine[s]  - or want to learn about wine - give them a shout..(and yep, they home-deliver)

Initial branding concepts: