A lone British scientist working in his Brooklyn NY lab tunes in to some strange radio signals on his ham radio station one cold night in January 2009. After conferring with fellow scientists and radio operators worldwide he can find no explanation. Baffled as to the source or reason behind the signals, he sets in motion a collision course through unchartered mental and physical dimensions as his search for answers results in staggering implications for the future of humankind.

    He discovers that extraterrestrial intelligent beings from afar are superimposing radio signals on electromagnetic waves of light and beaming them to Planet Earth. The shocking fact is that this has been going on for eons, with many erroneous results. These errors resulted not at the hand of the Intelligent beings, but by humans. His discovery alerts government agencies CIA, NASA and MI6 and so begins a race to both uncover and conceal the truth.
    Finally exposing these real life events, the movie Oscillator will take audiences on a journey through space-time with shocking results set to generate unparalleled controversy worldwide.

    Film synopsis written by actress, Joanne Colan; who also stars in OSCILLATOR as British physicist Dr. Jill Baxter.

    OSCILLATOR Web Site:

    Screenplay written by Dr. David Deak (copyright 2010)

  • Film trailer and artwork by Dr. David Deak
    Film to be produced in 2012