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    Projects that I have completed for the Wood I course in sophomore year.
Wooden Disk
Assignment: Using two pieces of walnut glued together, create a disk using only hand tools.
Process: Hand planers, chisels, rasps, scrapers, and sandpaper were all utilized to make the disk. Salad bowl finishing is applied on top as a final step.
Wood Lathe Experiments
Assignment: Get comfortable using the wood lathe. Make two pieces, one of which will fit into the other.
Assignment: Create a "boat" piece from bent wood laminations. This structure will be floated down the Providence River.
Process: Strips of vaneer were cut and pasted together with liberal amounts of woodglue inbetween them. They are then pressed into a wooden jig for several hours until the glue has dried. Using three pieces of the bent laminations, I carefully sanded them to fit snuggly together before glueing. Two pieces of canvas were glued under the gaps to prevent water from flowing through while in the river.
Fruit Bowl
Assignment: Create a primarily carved vessel out of at least two separate pieces of wood. 
Process: I cut a single block of pine into three equal pieces and carefully marked each one with pencil before working to ensure they are identical. The organic shape that results when the pieces are put together resembles that of a flower.