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    Project for local artists to submit work to be displayed at Adobe's UT building.
Adobe has 12 locations for displaying art inside the company building located at 3900 Adobe Way in Lehi UT.
Jeremy Macdonald, the Site Manager, invites local artists (residence in UT) to submit art pieces for display.  Displays will be refreshed every 3-4 months.  Each round will be listed in the comments below.  Andrew Ehninger will administrate the process and curate the displays.   By submitting your art via this Behance page you are assuming the risk of displaying your art at the site.  Adobe has many visitors, including children, and will not assume liability nor insurance coverage for work displayed here. Art will be carefully displayed.
If an artist is selected and agrees to display art here, the artist is responsible to bring the art to/from Adobe.  The Adobe Facilities team will determine the exact location and display the art.  The artist will always own the art, but please allow your art to be on display for at least 3 months.  Art will be displayed with a QR code that will allow viewers to learn more about the artist and if desired by the artist, contact her.  Art needs to be picked up after the display ends within 45 days, it will not be stored after that. 
Display guides:
9 locations that accommodate two dimensional art of dimensions up to 36”x36”
2 locations that accommodate two dimensional art of dimensions up to 48”x48”
1 location that accommodates two dimensional art of dimensions up to 48”x72” in portrait orientation.
Artists are highly encouraged to maintain a full portfolio on Behance.
Please indicate the size of the piece in the title. 
Please do not submit works of art that would be inappropriate for a corporate workplace.  
To submit a piece of art, Artists may add their curent projects to this group, joining the group is not required to submit art.  In the settings tab (third tab) of your art, you can edit teams and add your submittal to this team.  Artists are also welcome to join the team which will make it even simpler to submit a project to it.  REMINDER: max of 5 submissions.
At the bottom are two photos from our site's interior.