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8Design Features in Your Room That Inspire You to Write
What do you do to inspire yourself to write? Do you keep a journal? Have you tried free writing? Do you use an app or word processing software that was specifically designed for writers? Maybe you've joined a writer's club to get inspiration from others and a bit of accountability. If you have taken any or all of these steps, you have certainly done a great job at developing inspiration and talent within yourself. The next question is, what have you done to your room to make it a place of inspiration? If your answer is 'not much', don't worry. You aren't alone. Many people don't consider how much the space they are in can inspire them or drain the inspiration from them. So, take a look at your room, and see if any of the following design features could be used to create a more inspirational writing space for you.
1. Good Lighting
            Physical comfort is absolutely essential in order for you to be a productive and inspired writer. You won't be inspired to write if you are dealing with glare, shadows, and eye strain. Make sure your desk has a nicely made desk lamp to illuminate your work area. Then, Use wall sconces, and if possible some natural lighting. If you must have overhead lighting, invest in track lighting so that you can adjust the location of the lighting to reduce harsh glare.
2. A Window With a Great View
            If you don't have a window with a great view, you may not have the budget in place to create   one. However, if you are in the stages of choosing which room will be yours, or moving your room is an option, a great window is a major plus. It gives you something to focus on when you are not concentrating on your work. It is also much easier to stay in a room and write, if you can take a break every so often and enjoy the view.

3. Bookshelves Full of Books
            Not only is a great bookshelf a beautiful design element on its own, if you fill it with great books, you immediately add a library-like feel to your space. In addition to the great look, you will also have lots of books to read and re-read for inspiration and entertainment. Try placing the bookshelf so that it is in clear view of the door. This will make it a great local point when you or anybody else enters the room.
4. A High Quality Desk and Chair
            It doesn't matter if you are an expert writer or are still developing your skills and learning from the best essay writing service available. You deserve a desk and chair that is ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish. Remember, you could be spending hours each day using this furniture. Don't take the overly cheap route. If you are on a limited budget, consider buying a nicer desk and chair used. You can always refinish the desk and have any upholstery tears fixed. Don't feel obligated to purchase a matched set. Mixing and matching can create a fun and inspirational look.
5. Art
            Art inspires art, and writing is ultimately an art. This is why an inspirational writing space should have art in it that you find to be beautiful. There are no right or wrong decisions here. If it pleases you and it inspires you, then you have selected the perfect piece of art for your room. The only guideline for selecting art for your room is to keep things updated and interesting. Try picking up artwork from antique stores, art fairs, flea markets, and even garage sales. This way you can rotate pieces in and out of your room to create new, inspiring looks.
6. A Good Surround Sound Audio System
Pleasant background music is not only inspiring, it can also increase your ability to focus and stay on task. Whether you prefer classical music or top forty, invest some money in a good stereo system with surround sound. Then, play your preferred music in the background to keep you inspired while you write, or crank it up when you are ready for a well-deserved writing break.
7. The Ideal Paint Colors

            The psychology of color studies the impacts that different colors have on mood, concentration, emotions, creativity, and more. Here are some very common paint colors and the emotions that they evoke:
·         Lavender Hues: These inspire calm and help you to enter a relaxed state.
·         Yellow Hues: These are energizing colors.
·         Blue Hues: These inspire you to be productive and focused.
·         Green Hues: These are natural colors that will make you feel serene.
·         White: This color can be harsh, but it does add light to a room that needs it.
            As a writer, you can examine your own strengths and weaknesses along with your own personal preferences and select a color pallet that works for you.
8. A Comfortable Chair
            Sometimes you just need a change. Your desk and chair might be the optimum place to write most of the time, but it is also nice to have a comfortable chair available. You can use it as a place to relax while reading emails, doing some light editing, or while reading one of your many inspirational books. Don't worry about looks, your only focus should be comfort.
8Design Features in Your Room That Inspire You to Write

8Design Features in Your Room That Inspire You to Write

What do you do to inspire yourself to write? You should start with these simple features in your room.
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