I wanted for this proyect  a set of photos inspired on the " Day of the dead" classic mexican character "LA CATRINA" and I want to use some iconic elements/images and  scenarios of mexican culture.

Model : Diana Isela Carrasco Nava   http://www.modelmayhem.com/2518679
Make up & Costume Design : Rosalba Lendechy García and Me
Photography & Edition by Me
 Title :  "La Fría Espera" (The Cold Waiting). The Catrina outside an old "pulquería"
(a place where a traditional  alcoholic beverage called pulque is served) waiting for someone. In the wall of the place you can see old posters from the 40´s. A poster  of mexican cigarrettes called "Faros" and wrestling propaganda.
Was selected from over 1,000 photgraphs for the 1st   National  Festival "The
feeling of skulls"  "Porque la verdadera muerte es el olvido" Photo Exhibition in Mexico City´s "Panteón Civíl de Dolores". From October 29th to November 3rd of 2011.
It was also exhibited during November of 2012 in the National Museum of Death
(Plastic and Graphic Contemporary Room of the National Museum of Death UAA).
Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Title : " The Catrina´s Memories"
The Catrina with some golden age mexican cinema icons
Title : " The Catrina´s Memories 2"
The Catrina with some golden age mexican cinema icons
Title : "The Lady of the Small Square"
A b&w shot with novoshipanic symbols associated with  the religion/death relationship in mexican folklore.
Title: "Walking in Time"
The Catrina walking in front the wall of an ancient church
Makeup retouch in the middle of the shooting
The  initial sketch for the costume of this Catrina. I wanted  something classy and classic