SkyLounge has teamed up withDesigners Against Aids and to proudly presentthe Launch of Schön! Magazine Volume 2.
Schön! Magazine is written for visionaries, by visionaries, bringing unknown stars and thepioneers of creativity to the frontline of the readerʼs intellect. If your senses werehypnotised by the first cocktail of talent, beware of the Schön! Magazine Volume 2-fabricated by energy that will simply set your imagination alight.
Only Londonʼs finest and most exclusive venue; Adam Street, a private membersʼ club setin the vaults of an 18th century Robert Adam building just off The Strand, is fit to launch theexplosion of creativity. This flare of talent will be set to shine in shadow of the imperialaffair of London fashion week.
The event will take place at Adamstreet next to Somerset Houseon Sunday 20th September from 7pm to 1am.
Whilst celebrating the launch of Schön! Magazine Volume 2, in cooperation with Pout; avibrant young company, dedicated to providing opportunities for people involved in thefashion and proven to attract and connect the most influential names from this excitingindustry , we would like to support and promote the cause of Designers Against Aids. OurParty is set to increase recognition for this global project launched in 2004, with thespecific goal of raising AIDS/HIV awareness in the international media and today'sworldwide society, specifically aiming the education towards youngsters living in theindustrialised countries.
Securing ba place at this much awaited event couldnʼt be easier. To get your hands on thehottest tickets to the event set to be the talk of the town during London Fashion week, justlog onto without delay, create a free profile,join the event page and get well prepared for a truly unforgettable evening.
Designers against AIDS (DAA) is an international project/label launched in 2004,with the specific goal of raising AIDS/HIV awareness in the international media andtoday's worldwide
Pout is a vibrant young company, dedicated to providing opportunities for all thosewho are connected to the fantastic world of fashion. They create regularnetworking events in London, which attract the most influential names from thisexciting /// Globalize Fashion is a networking site for the pioneers ofcreativity. An online platform, which is dedicated to connect individual talent indesign, marketing, sales and production- A bank hosting a wealth ofvaluable,precious and key contacts within the creative

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