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    Started apprenticing at Golden Iron Tattoo Studio Toronto this summer.
Custom moth tattoo walk-in
Custom deer tattoo
Ankle freehand cover up
Alex Pardee's drawings brought in by the client
New sketches, and a photocopy.
Quick sketch for Stefan
Calligraphy for Michelle
Custom peonies for Sherry
Espresso cup
Custom roses/wings/compass forearm piece on Kerwin
Custom rose/geormetric tattoo on Taija
Behind ear tattoo brought in by the client
Weekly Sketch #3, Oct 2015. Original photograph of Katrin shot by Jesse Crowe for Beliefs' second album 'Leaper'.
Walk-in script on Tina's ankle (my 10th practice)
3rd tattoo on human skin! Thanks Carmen!
Weekly Sketch #1, Sept 2015
First ever tattoo on Echo.