Split Is a really old project. I got the idea in 2010 when I was in a classroom on my Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

At this time, the Android UI was a very different and I was thinking ahead on the technology that will come later.

This app is a simple idea. Combining both cameras and record at the same time.
Years have passed and a week ago cleaning my desk I found an old sketch book.
On the 10th page I see this old fashioned sketch of mine representing this app.

Today I can present you, the wire frame and the new design of my old idea.
I'll probably update this from time to time with the UX and the final design.

As you can see we were with a 2mp back camera and 5mp for the front.
I'm glad we now have better cam :)
Thanks for watching !


A really old idea came back from an old sketch book. Split is a dual camera recording app.