Challenge: Having successfully established and branded Interthinx as a major player in the mortgage fraud prevention space, the next challenge — spurred on by increasing success within Interthinx verticals— was to convey Interthinx capability to occupy a larger footprint within the financial services industry.
Solution: "Those who demand... use Interthinx" ; based on the premise that "when you've worked to accomplish business success the logical response will be to protect it". You can't protect something without demanding excellence, expertise, authenticity, etc. from whatever vehicle you use to do so.
I developed the concept while working on the ideas, design and logistics of the tradeshow experience for the 2011 MBA Annual and chose single "concept words" that embodied what a user would most want in the specific services each Interthinx vertical offers.
Tradeshow graphics
Ad concepts
Ad run in trade publications: Housing Wire, MReport, National Mortgage News, Mortgage Banking
Banner ads ran in conjunction with print ad in trade publications, daily emails and publication's web sites.