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Why Boston for Graphic Design Study? Here’s Why
Boston. A city with a lot of history and culture, given that it was founded in 1630. Its part in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars permeates the entire city, but so do many other sights, events, and educational opportunities. It is an artist’s paradise with architecture throughout the city and 5 major museums, 3 of them dedicated to art. It’s no wonder that design schools are so numerous. And the student who wants to study graphic design has many options in the metropolitan area.
Four-Year Degree Programs in Graphic Design
Seven colleges and universities offer a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, and both Harvard and Boston Universities have a graduate program in this field. A few of the top schools include the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Suffolk University, Boston University, and Gibbs College.
MA College of Art and Design
The degree program includes print design, branding, media, and information design. One of the great things about this program is that the instructors are all practicing designers themselves, so students get a true hands-on realistic experience. Much of the work is done in teams, because this is more like the actual career environment. Massachusetts residents pay $11, 725 in tuition and fees and another approximate $2100 in supplies.
There is also a graphic design certificate program for adults who do not want a full degree, but who want to enter the field of graphic design and who have some experience already.
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Students who want a Bachelor’s degree enroll in this school and take other coursework through either Tufts or Northeastern University.
Students who want a certificate n graphic arts take all of their classes at the School itself.
Courses include typography, multimedia and web tools, and software applications, along with electives in areas of video and animation. Students work in fully equipped Apple labs.
Northeastern and Tufts Universities
Degree programs in graphic design are offer in cooperation with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.
Boston University
This is a project-based program that culminates in a thesis project. Instructors are professional designers and are affiliated with design firms and organizations that assist with internships and employment. Coursework includes all core aspects of graphic design and typography. BU also offers a Masters in graphic design.
Admission standards to get into BU are high – a 3.5+ GPA and an SAT score of 1950+, as well as a specific Boston College essay. Tuition and fees are quite pricey. An undergraduate student can expect to pay about $47,000 per year.
Two-Year and Vocational Graphic Design Programs
There are three most popular graphic design programs that result in certificates, and that allow students to get out into their fields quite quickly.
1.     ITT Institute: Graduates of the two-year Associates Degree program receive certification are prepared for entry level positions in the field.
2.     Massachusetts Community College/Bunker Hill Community College: Both of these schools offer Associate’s Degrees in graphic design that result in certification. The stated goals of these programs are to prepare students for jobs in communications, publishing, and marketing.
Internship Opportunities
This is probably the biggest draw for the study of graphic design in Boston. There are 459 design firms in the metropolitan area, ranging from one or two-man operations to mid-size and large companies. About 90% of these firms have internship programs, so students in graphic design programs have a strong chance of getting really solid work experience, giving them quite an edge in moving right into entry-level positions. And the national reputation of some of these schools (e.g., MA College of Art and Design and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts) is such that their grads are in high demand throughout the country.
Artistic Environment – The Boston Art Commission
Boston is an eclectic city. Throughout its neighborhoods, there is continually changing artwork created by local artists and designers. Artists and designers can submit their proposed projects for acceptance and they are placed temporarily to provide recognition to the artists and to decorate the city. Here’s an example of an aerial sculpture:
Artist: Janet Echelman
And a wall mural:
With so much art, in museums, on buildings, in the air, and along the many public walkways throughout the city, it is a vast “breeding ground” for artists who want to be inspired.
Boston. It’s a city of art and design.
Why Boston for Graphic Design Study? Here’s Why

Why Boston for Graphic Design Study? Here’s Why

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