• Chocolates with Attitude 2011
    Brandpersonality & Chocolates in one product
  • "Brandhouse - the upgrading Company and Bessermachen DesignStudio have created a 3 kilo chocolate box as a manifest about brand personalities and packaging design.
    The box consists of case with 12 small differentiated tin-boxes inside. Within each tin-box there are 750g of filled chocolate. Each tin box represents an archetype/a personality in the shape of an oldie-but-goodie pin-up girl.
    The chocolate was developed by the chocolate artist named Konnerup, and there are 6 x 12 new taste variants designed for each personality. You will find variants all the way from ash coated ganache with black pepper to soft almond nougat with puff sugar.
    In the case there is also a year calendar of 2012 – each pin-up girl illustrates a matching month.
    Everything was developed from the ground: The girls was photographed and afterwards illustrated by the artist Niels Ditlev. 
  • http://www.chocolateswithattitude.dk/