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    Visual concept creation, for diferent media
Festival Extremo sobre Ruedas 
Starting the last year, I join team whit some friends, our goal was make a skateboarding contest, 
My work was create an unique  visual image for the contest, we want to do something illustrated whit a radical point of view, here the first roughts:
Once We had  a starting point, I start whit the printed material (flyer and Poster) it was a pain in the ass collect all the sponsors logos... but I finally did it! .
For this project I try something cool, a distortion on the camera that make all soooo  radical.The characters that I create, was made whitout any facial anatomy and trying to eliminate the use of Clothing.
Finally whit all the Graphic design and Ilustration work  in the print shop, We saw the time and still have some of it for the video ad.  This was the best option for invite the people to our contest and people just love it.