Firstly I decided to render something that is made of glass just for my portfolio. My choice fell on a beer bottle and a glass of beer. But what brand should I use? Maybe Guinness? Or Amstel? No, this is too boring. What if I'll take some unpopular in the world local beer brand and remake its label, so it will be like an export version of this beer? I think at least the idea is interesting.

Full CGI personal project.
Made by using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop.
Final render
I chose Russian beer that called "охота" (okhota). This means "hunting" (but this word also can be translated as "desire"). In the Internet I found scanned label of this beer, translated the text to English and redrew it in vector (actually top caption is my invention). This is old version of the label, now this beer is produced in another design.
Clay render
3D scene
Thanks for watching!