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    A series of illustrated GIFs for a coffee brand Cafe Bustelo
Cafe Bustelo(www.cafebustelo.com/en)
I'm excited share a series of illustrated GIFs that I had woked on for a coffee brand Cafe Bustelo.
You may agree w/ me for the fact that we all say "this project was so much FUN!" when you post a freshly finished project. And yes! I'm about to say that, too. 
Cafe Bustelo Can Explosion sketches
And I'd like to share why...
when I first had a conference call w/ the AD, all he told me was "have FUN, have FUN and have FUN!" rather than directing me w/ all the possible ideas and concepts, which can be quite overwhelming and confusing but it also means that I was given a full freedom and trust from the AD that helps me to transform a job into a fun personal project.
Cafe Bustelo Party
Cafe Bustelo Morning
Cafe Bustelo City
These are basics for the assignments that I can start from, which are:
1) A series of illustrations are required (all four illustrations should be consistent)
2) Final deliveration needs to be GIF format
3) The vibe of the illustrations should be positive, fun and energetic, which is what Cafe Bustelo is all about

And I start working on pencils roughs like I do for any other projects, in addition I was also making brief decisions on the parts that will be animated for a better communication w/ the AD in the early stage for less revisions later on.
These are some of the pictures of the illustration that are used on props for Cafe Bustelo's Pop-up Cafe in Chicago.
And lastly, it might be true that there are always another illustrators who can replace me or you for a similar look or style however, it becomes a REAL FUN PROJECT  - I mean real fun - for both the illustrator and the AD when creatives understand it's not only about the style, but also the chemistry, energy and uniqueness that an illustrator will develop for that specific assignment when they feel supportive, which I was able to experience luckily.

hope you feel the fun and enjoy them! Thanks for looking.

Client: Cafe Bustelo
AD: Federico Abrahams, POSSIBLE
Thanks for looking!! :)