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    logo concepts
Logo concept for a bohemian luxury line of accesories; like headbands. The client wanted to communicate a balance between bohemian luxury and trendy chic. They also wanted the logo to play around with cursive text paired with a bohemian style symbol.. perhaps an arrow, or something that will represent a chic urban/free spirit luxury California-esque living.
Logo concept for an online eyeglass store with an e-commerce layout. Client wanted a text only logo, with thinner, modern style font but be original, not just a standard font. It should be clean and sophisticated, colorful, classy, stylish, showy, elegant, and impressive. My concept for the logo was to incorporate eyeglasses into the letterforms without being too literal, the elongated stems of the letters were stretched out and then curved to mimic the curve of an eyeglass that rests upon the ears.
Logo concept for an Irish style Pub, only information to go on was that they wanted a stong Irish look that is memorable and clear.
Logo concept for Sugar NY Jewelry. They are a trendy costume jewelry company, trying to give off the image of a Candy store for jewelry. They wanted the logo to have bright candy colors, like turquoise blues and all pinks. THey wanted the logo to play around with sugar, sprinkles, or anything sugar related. It should be fun, fresh, have a sweet feel, but still chic and not juvenile. The logo should relate to jewelry but should have a candy store feel to it but for fashion jewelry.
Logo concept for Whiskey Riff, a growing Country Music Entertainment Website/Social Media site. Wanted a modern logo that relates to country music and country lifestyle, like the colors of dark grey and a burnt orange color, and they did not want any guitars or whiskey objects.