Making of The House is empty now.

My name Andrei Mikhalenko. I am leading artist and Co-founder  of  IDDQD studio based in Minsk. 
Today I show the process of creation my latest work “The House is empty now”

All works start from idea. And never know from where it’s may come. Idea for this work I found in my “INSPIRATION” folder, in which I save all inspiring images found in internet, and also I was inspired by TV show "Edwardian farm", "VICTORIAN FARM".  In image I try create warm atmosphre of old house.
This image I use as base for my work.
Then I make moodboard. It's very important stage for all works, because you see approximate atmosphere, notice some details. 
Because I create only one image, I started work from setting camera, and using simple boxes make composition.
Most of the objects it the scene very simple  in modeling.
I talk about only most interested objects.
For the rope I used helix, above that add “Sweep” modifier for create thickness, then add “Clone”, which create copy of your geomtry, but it's still be one object, this modifier you can download free from Itoo Software. VrayDisplacementMod I use for add details. And in the end add Path Deform, whcich bending my geometry by spline.

For curtains and cloth modeling I used Marvelous Designer. You can find many tutorials in internet. Just one thing which I want to say, it’s about avatar. For avatar I used part of my scene for more believable simulation, and you will no have problem with intersection of your models with scene in future.

And most interested part of this work, this water on the floor. Many people ask me how I do this, and as always it's very simple=)
In the first I try create water using VrayBlendMtl and VrayDisplacementMod on planks, but I don't like result, it's look a little bit strange, cause planks is separate objects and after applying Displacement each planks have their Displacemnt which intersect with the adjacent.
Then I decide create simple box under the floor plank with VrayDisplacementMod modifier. For displacement map I mix two textures from cgtextures  in Photoshop.

This how final scene is looked.
Lighting & Rendering

My material editor, as usually, looks a little bit crazy. =)
For lighting I used only one HDRI and two small light in the lightbulb.
Final resolution for image was 2324x3000. Time of the rendering about 14 hours. For Global Illumination I use Brute forece + Light Cache, it's give more accurate result than if use Irrandiance map.

Raw render.

Postproduction it's more artistic part of the work. Here you may play with light, color. In postproduction you may up your work on new level, but if you are not satisfied with the result in Raw image (it's not only about materials, it's also about composition, lighting), in most situation, you will not receive good result in Photoshop.
Thanks for reading.
I hope you find it informative for yourself.
Making of The House is empty now.

Making of The House is empty now.

Small making of.
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