Industrial style desk lamp
I come from Miskolc city of Hungary, and I wanted to connect the world of design with the spirit of the place of my origin, when it used to be an industrial centre. Of course the form design follows the latest trends, as the city was on the top of industrial development in the 80s. The industrial, dinamic atmosphere is reflected by the form. First of all I had to find a starting direction, which was the examination of machines. I have examined different work machines, tools, internal combustion engines, the robots of automated production lines and the tools used in industry. The focus of my research were those fields of work, where the people have direct relations to the work machines. Such kind of work is driving of tractors and different soil cultivation machines. These people have a kind of passion for their job. I would like to create a similar atmosphere for those who works in an office, in a relative ’sterile’ environment. As a base for designing the lamp I have chosen a typical and stylish work machine, the sprocket wheel machine. These machines give such an atmosphere and direction for design --from formal and technical point of view-- which can be attractive for laymen as well. And in this case that was my purpose. As a conclusion of my research and knowledge I have created the „Work lamp”, which has a form design according to the 21th century.