Modern Allegories-Tarnowski Original Works
Modern Allegories: The Uniquely Original Works of Glen Tarnowski

Tarnowski is the founder and creator of this new global art movement. The three subgenres of Modern Allegorism include whimsical, inspirational/spiritual, and These subgenres describe the mechanism through which the artist conveys the message. Whimsical modern allegories use humor in a non-critical fashion to encourage the view to question their own perspectives and behavior. Inspirational/spiritual modern allegories attempt to inspire the viewer to believe in their own abilities and trust their innate gifts. Paradoxical modern allegories position common elements in ways that are contrary to the viewer's expectation in order to encourage the viewer to evaluate the commonplace and see their own preconceptions in a new light.-Wikipedia
Blank Canvas: "There s always someone seek to change you into what they want you to be. Let your talents and gift so shine. Don't be a blank canvas for others. Be strong and be yourself".
Mixed Bag of Tricks: "The game may be oneWe are always told what's new is best. Not so, otherwise the classics would not be the classics. there are somethings that still work and produce the tricks like-persistence, commitment, determination, perception. These still hook properity, blessing and well being". 
Possibilities: We all have possibilities and potential. They never stop unless we stop believing in the gifts and talents we have been blessed with. If you have stopped-pickup those gifts and see yourself for how God sees you. Brand new, unique and wonderfully made!"
Ambition:"All of us have ambition to some degree and with a littleknowledge and the willingness to ride out our dreams, attaining our goalsbecomes possible."
Apples to Apples:" Flexibility is the key to success, for change is aninevitability and transformation anecessity,
“apples to apples” isnot always “same to same”, A dynamic understood andreflected by this red apple.
Balances of Nature:"The game may be one part strategy and one part chance, butsometimes prosperity spills out of my bag of tricks and the game is changed inan instant.".
Built for Speed:"Sometimesour full potential cannot be reached without the help of others; the snail isreally quite aerodynamic, built for speed as it were, but if it were not on thehood of this Ferrari, it would be going nowBuilt for Speed:"
Cat & Mouse Game: "Curiously, those events that you thought were soinsignificant may mean more than you think if looked upon with inner-awarenessand reflection; life, after all, is often a cat and mouse game"
Check Mate:"Whenconfidence and grace comes face-to-face with loyalty and devotion, it is acheck mate of sorts, for neither has a clear advantage".
Cur-oz-sity :"Toto helps to keep Dorothy’s Cur-oz-sity from getting thebetter of her, for her trust in him keep her grounded in reality and focused onhome".
Dancers Dream: "Every dancer’s dream is to break out of the fish bowl ofsameness, achieve uniqueness, and garner greater recognition; this requiresoptimism and a willingness to leave security behind and be re-born, the driveto reach out for prosperity, and an eagerness to fill the shoes of destiny".
Dare to Dream: " If we are to experience a greater transformation, we must dare to dream, for our dreams are only as big as they are dreamed and as attainable as we believe them to be."
Defining Moment:" Although there may be an element of safety in blending intothe crowd, life without risk is a life not worth living, so we should celebrateour uniqueness, that which makes us standout from the rest."
Digital technology: "There is a flood of refreshing ideas and a multitude of newhorizons available to make life more exciting thru digital technology."
Discovery: " The past is the past and the future is yet to come. We are ofthe present and the now is our time for discovery, for with it come the answersto the mysteries that will help us embrace tomorrow.
Perfect Hand: You can have passing relationships and even pairing that seems to total up to the right hand. But if you let God bring the perfect relationship you will truly have the perfect hand."
Fertile Mind: "the mind is a wonderful creative tools given to us to see what we can't yet see. Its the source of imagination that give birth to our future. If we are willing to see its God given potential, we can achieve whatever we desire. Don't waste the fertility of its soil. Use what God has richly given to us to bless others and ourselves!"
Perception: ' Keeping our heads in the sand only produces ignorance. Its when we reach outside our normal fears and bounddaries do we gain better perception to understand and  gain insight in order to better our tomorrows."
In a Blur: " Success and reward can be yours in a blur when you remainfocused on your journey and not give up hope."
Inception:"Life is a series of small, yet significant, events thattransform us from inception to completion in a never-ending cycle.Inception:"
Rooted & Grounded: "Ittakes wisdom, inner-awareness, and a willingness to accept the order of thenatural world to remain rooted and grounded in the now and yet be prepared forthe new beginnings and opportunities that wRooted & Grounded:"
Sheltered: "Adventurism, knowledge, goodness, humility, and perceptionsmust be nurtured and sheltered from the storms of life, lest the quality oflife itself be diminished."
Tree of knowledge: "The tree of the imagination is born of the seeds ofinspiration, upon the path to inventiveness and a brighter tomorrow."
Window of Opprtunity:"In life we must choose to either hide from its storms andchallenges or emerge through the window of opportunity, where we may acquirewisdom and find a better prospective, for the view that mere education allowsis limited, but imagination gives unrestricted access and wisdom and allows usto see beyond the waves of confusion and doubt and appreciate the opportunitiesthat life’s storms bring, so that we may truly prosper and grow."
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Modern Allegories-Tarnowski Original Works

Modern Allegories-Tarnowski Original Works

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