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American Academy of Art Redesign
American Academy of Art
Redesign of
The American Academy of Art was established in 1923. Educating professional artists in both the commercial and fine art fields since 1923. Beginning with a solid foundation of drawing and design, based on the classical academic tradition, our dedicated and distinguished faculty is committed to providing our students with artistic skills and knowledge of contemporary tools and techniques that will enable them to build a successful career.

The redesign project was to modernize the look and feel of the website, and create a mobile platform for visitors interested in the school, as well as current students to access other student portfolios. As well as listing of classes offered for every major.
New AAART Identity, letterhead, envelope, and business card.
Some of the icons used were done by Drew Wilson from his pictos pack
Posters for all majors, describing the majors and what those majors offer.
Home Page: Slider of featured graduates and their portfolio page. Along with current news/events and twitter/facebook feed.
Menu States: normal, hover, and on-states.
Student profiles: color coordinated based on the student's major.
The main image is swipe capable on Touch devices, as well as a set rotator with left/right navigation.
The slider includes student's profile image along with current projects or work produced by the student while in school.
Along with a 2 minute interview with the student about his/her experience at the school.
Display of Landscape feature for slideshow/video