Key Theatrical Artwork for
CakeBaby Productions
Various comedy shorts
Pony Rides Are for Girls Theatrical Poster
Copo the Clown is a shady war veteran turned children's birthday party entertainer with a history of accidentally (or maybe not) setting things on fire. Would you be crazy to hire him over a pony for your seven year old's backyard party? Sam finds himself asking the same question in this hilarious short written, directed, and produced by my friends at CakeBaby Productions. I was asked to concept and design the look for the key theatrical artwork after viewing a rough cut of the film. The director only gave me his vision on the setting and the idea of charred toys. This image is completely Photoshop rendered from nine different images and I even performed the pyrotechnics myself! Visual: me, a bag of green army men, a grill lighter and my Nikon D90 on my patio. Luckily, said patio sustained no damage!
The Tedious Existence of Terrell B. Howell Theatrical Poster
Terrell B. Howell is stuck in a rut. He's bored with the same routine day in and day out. He hates his work and doesn't even notice his wife anymore. What happens when he finds a little joy?