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    Illustrations for the next cover of ¡elé! mag.
The next number of !elé! mag will come with my illustrations in it´s cover ¡yay! So excited.
This time the theme was Food's of the World so illustrations go by the concept that kids will learn in this number about international cuicine. 
First the sketch. I used some, not all, of the places that the article is going to talk about.
Then I used a little template of the mag to see the distribution of illustrations and their size. As you can see there's a lot going on, not good. :P
Then each character was redrawn to help myself in the process of coloring, an extra step but for me it's better this way.
Passed them through Adobe Illustrator and finally do the basic forms of their foods .
Finally ended up on Adobe Photoshop again. I had periods of indecision with this one.
The final cover designed by the creative team at Zonacuario.
¡elé! magazine #68
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