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EL-1 Low Cost Electric Vehicle


Technological development has significantly increased the capability of electric engines; this will be a big trend in the developing countries as electrical energy is cheaper than petrol or diesel. The EL-1 incorporates the use of electric engine, which will provide a cheap and ecological transport. EL-1 is an affordable electric tricycle that features higher safety performance than a conventional two-wheeled vehicle. The EL-1 is aimed at developing countries where people use motorcycles as their primary means of transportation. Motorcycles are very popular in these countries because they provide a cheap effective personal transportation solution. In some countries people use their motorcycles to carry goods with, or even use them as taxis. The roof assembly is a safety feature, and acts as a roll cage to protect the user in a collision, which will provide far greater safety than a motorcycle. For convenience there are two storage areas, one is under the seat and the other is the luggage at the back. This project focuses on lowering the cost of personal transportation due to the low income of populations in developing countries. The design essentially considers minimizing the number of components and reducing material usage. The form is simplified to reduce the cost of moldings, which in turn lowers manufacturing cost

Middle and low income people in developing countries
 Mass manufacturing
For use in urban and rural road
• Provide user more safety, protection, and balance
• Decrease tiredness from directly contact with wind, dust, and heat from sunlight
• The plug-in electric energy which cost much less than gas
• Environmentally friendly vehicle emitting no toxic to environment

The deliverable is concept design oflow cost electric vehicle generating through 3D modeling. The following aspects is integrated and taken into consideration.

• Research and look into currentdesign of motorcycle aiming to find out the cause of injures from motorcycleaccident
• Search for new technology such asbrake system, sensor innovation and crash protection system
• Roof and windshield protection
• Saddle bag for carrying stuffs
• Advantage and disadvantage ofinstallation of these devices
• The riding position concerning ergonomic issue
• Low cost manufacturing
• Material choice considering recycledmaterial and natural material

• Current technology of electric vehicle; energyconsumption

EL-1 Low Cost Electric Vehicle

EL-1 Low Cost Electric Vehicle

Low cost electric vehicle for developing countries


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