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18 Days
Branding and poster
18 Days is a movie that contains 10 different sotries by 10 different directors about the 18 days of the revolution from when it started until former president Mubarak resigned.
Our task was twofolds, firstly the movie was going to debut as a Cannes Film Festival official selection, so the poster needed to be universal.
Secondly, the poster needed to convey the 18 days of the revolution, without falling into the predictable cliches of images of Mubarak or images of protests, which might work abroad, but would be seen as deja vu here in it’s birthplace.
The directors loved the poster so much and gave us such a warm welcome to the film team that we decided that we are going to do a separate poster for each of the 10 movies, a poster that captures the essence of each movie in a very simple and strong iconic way.

The website got 250,000 hits in it’s first 5 days.