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    The situation is exactly like the one described in Aerosmith’s song “Living on the Edge”. This is the first flagship shop project of “roar”. “roa… Read More
    The situation is exactly like the one described in Aerosmith’s song “Living on the Edge”. This is the first flagship shop project of “roar”. “roar” is famous for the crossed guns motif and is highly acclaimed especially in Tokyo and also in overseas in recent years, and now mounts an exhibition in Paris. The request from Mr. Hamanaka, a friend and designer, is to construct the shop thoroughly with the concept as the roar’s damaged T-shirt with the crossed guns motif printed with thousands of Swarovski (This request largely comes form Mr. Hamanaka’s stance of creating clothes). Mr. Hamanaka and I conducted the design session a few times with the concept, and finally, with the influence of our mutual interest, we decided our theme - to create the extremely artistic space with the motif of garage. Follow the small shop-sign of “roar” and go through the black expand-metal gate, and reach the slide-door made by black glass after going through the approach decorated with nothing but series of the steel panel finished with black mill scale on the left side. After going through the auto slide-door, there will be a dark, curved, narrow tunnel illuminated only with upper-light. After the tunnel, we finally can feel the space of roar. The huge mass of highway light dangled from the ceiling welcomes the guest first. It used to light up the road for decades as a behind the scenes of the Machine Age and now is retired. It has a beautiful form with industrial design, and exists as a central icon of this shop in a way. The long and narrow square shaped space of about 100m2 or less is in semi-darkness in whole. The walls consist of brick tiles finished with aging treatment, and the shutters numbered with 5-span stencil are placed evenly and in symmetry on each side. The each shutter span is the hanging space, and the scaffold board with the history in well-used condition is attached on the back of the space. The similar scaffold boards are used for the floor, and materialness is expressed. All of them are covered with the clear glass installed with the indirect lighting. Normally those well-used boards emit rough and dusty atmosphere. However, the atmosphere seems to be the gallery of the boards beyond the glass, and the boards are emitting clean and luxury aura. It is truly out of respect for the historical things, and also the expression of praise from us with a feeling of awe to such things. The 3m table handmade by the authority of ironwork occupies the center of the space as the coffin of Pharaoh. At the end of the space, the steel gate with thousands of antique key like a Pandora’s box we never should open towers like a temple. The taste of these well-used things, the expert’s skill, and the cutting edge of technique are all part of spirit of the brand “roar”. They blend in and melt down with the products infused with the life by same designer, and create an unprecedented original atmosphere of “roar”. Read Less

nterior Design by Ito Masaru Design Project / Sei

Photo by KozoTakayama