Atlanta Film Festival See More Campaign '09
The Atlanta Film Festival approached my agency to give them a new logo design and then to have a consistent brand campaign built from the new mark, which they had never had before. In discovery meetings with the client, we deemed that the See More slogan encompassed what they wanted patrons to do: See More films. See More films than you did last year. See More of the programming than just attend screenings. Analyze and See More within the films than you ever have before. My concept for the poster was chosen so I was tapped to create the look for all collateral pieces. For certain elements like the festival badges, the eye changed colors and was used as a color coding system. I photo edited, concepted, and was heavily involved in the making of the :90 sec. theatrical trailer which played before each screening. VFX/SFX were designed by ECG Productions. The festival reported a 60% increase in patronage after our brand awareness drive and is one of the premier cultural events in Atlanta. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with them!