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    This is the second game project I have completed and my first individual project. it is a Text based RPG programmed entirely in C++ .The purpose … Read More
    This is the second game project I have completed and my first individual project. it is a Text based RPG programmed entirely in C++ .The purpose of this game is to make your main character as strong, wealthy, and healthy as possible within a 30 day period Read Less
 Play through for the 30 day RPG
 Note: My apologies to anyone who is still looking for the source code here, I couldn't format it quite right so in order to make my portfolio a little more pleasing to the eye I will leave the main code file on my code samples blog  which is accessible from the front page of my portfolio or HERE . Also a note I do know basic math I just input incorrect values at sections to demonstrate some of the error messages / fail-safes i put into play lol. 
Welcome to my 30 day RPG this was my baptism by fire so to spak into programming, a challenge I made for myself after attending E3 2010 and being extremely excited for my future as game developer.  It took me a few hours to decide to put together this project but about 3 weeks to implement it fully and aside for asking for some advice on functions and passing vairables this program is 100% my brain-child. 
G is a text based role playing game i designed and developed using C++ in the Visual studio 2005 environment. The premise for the game is that the player has 30 days to maximize their characters weapon  strength, health, and bank account.  there are 30 days  and each day is broken into 3   turns that represent separate time periods of that day (morning, noon , night).  each day / turn the player has options to visit several locations based on their goals or desires for that particular turn.    would you like ot make some money quickly ? the casino may be your best bet. how about upgrading you characters offensive and defensive capabilities? I would set course for the weapon smith. or maybe you simply want to keep track of your current progress how many days are left,  your current attribute stats, and  the amount of money you have ? I would head to the doctors office where he can give you a thorough examination of your progress so far. 
Aside form those areas  I mentioned, I also created a home area where the player has a 1-in-3 chance of receiving an item that provides a permanent health bonus. A bank where a player can deposit the money they have earned and withdraw funds that they have deposited. The bank system goes hand in hand with the two places I created where the player can get into random turn-based battles ( the forbidden forest & crystla caves), if the player loses a battle in these locations they lose an entire day and they lose any money they had on their character that wasn't deposited in the bank ( inspired by breath of fire 2) . Also there is a potion shop which will allow players to purchase healing items that are usable in a battle that may not be going your way . Last but not least if at anytime the player forgets what a specific destination offers they can select the help menu which will reiterate everything I have posted.