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Here are 3 different style Portraits of mine of people in the entertainment industry.
1. George Lamb (Presenter): In this drawing my aim was to create a portrait that was recognisable whilst having an almost 'cartoon' element to it. This is my own personal style that a lot of my drawings seem to be in. I used a hard pencil for its sharp look and minimilised the shading at first and made the outlines bold before including the details.
2. Michael Fassbender (Actor): This was a quick fineliner sketch I did in the Library. I was testing my ability to draw with little time and detail whilst making the drawing bold. I used sketchy shading and a lot of straight lines for a comic book style image. I also tried to add harsh lines and shade without spoiling the entire portrait which I think worked well.
3. Idris Elba (Actor): Finally with this portrait, I tried to spend more time with this because I wanted the texture to be perfect. I was not happy with the outcome of his actual face (personally I think it's hard to recognise) but I was happy with the shading and hair which normally goes one way or the other for me. For this drawing I used a range of soft and hard pencils to get this look.