3 Day Startup Coimbra

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    The 3DS is an event that consists in creating a startup in 3 days.
    For this event, in Coimbra, I thought about using the Tower of the University of Coimbra
    to represent the city. Thus was born the logo, the simplest, which then was deconstructing to suit
    all applications that were necessary. First, for the poster, I used the drawing that had already done
    about the Tower of the University , this time, drawing it on 3 different times of its construction,
    to symbolize the construction of a startup in 3 days. I used also 3 bars orange (original color
    of the american event) outside its boundaries to represent the idea of ​​thinking outside the box,
    that was present throughout the event. To the contact card I decided to use the design of the Tower
    finalized to display the goal of the event. Thus, in the distribution of the card, people might be thinking
    about the end result of the event. The credentials needed to be different for mentors, investors,
    participants and organizers. So, to mentors and investors, I placed the orange bar on the sides
    to symbolize the support they were giving during the event. For the credentials of the participants
    I put the orange bar in the middle, showing that they were in need of help and that all eyes were turned
    to them. The event was made for them. Finally, in the credentials of the organizers, I placed the 3 bars
    because they get all together for that event can happen.
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    (project done for JeKnowledge)