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Ninguém tem ressaca, só eu
Nnguém tem ressaca, só eu
To view images from a film on the screen, light must pass through the film. This mechanism inspired the production of the poster of Ninguém tem ressaca, só eu (No one has a hangover, just me) – a super 8 movie written, directed and actuated by Maria Mion. A light box and images printed on translucent paper were prepared for shooting. The flash light illuminated the papers from behind.
The short film in black and white consists of a succession of scenes/fragments where the characters – or the character and her alter ego – alternate and overlap. The poster image merges both versions of Maria, with halves of portraits united and divided at the same time. Typography reinforces the concept: it combines two styles of letter in separated layers that are overlapped – it is the same combination that I used for the letterings that open the scenes of the film.
The portrait that stares with subtle expression variation is a reading of the search for identity of the characters. Fragments and layers allude to the plot of the movie meanwhile the analogical approach and image noise highlight the materiality and fragility of super 8 films.

Portraits: Vitor Caldas
Poster photo: Maria Mion

Curitiba, PR
Ninguém tem ressaca, só eu