Posters are where I got my start, making designs for my fellow music students. Being held accountable to create a poster completely different than the others next to it forced me to advance quickly!  I came out of that experience feeling like I had a voice in design.
Below are some posters, not just from my begining, that I really love. 
Inspired by the performance space and the awesome mix of classical and pop tunes played by the quartet, I went in a collage direction—pairing images one wouldn't normally see mashed together
Photography and Design | A recital poster for my dear friend AnnaMarie Iganarro. We wanted something stark and beautiful to pair nicely with her program. 
Analog Photography and Design | The abstract photo of the inside of a piano is paired with a minimal interpretation of a piano from above which draws references from programming with works by the French Impressionist Debussy and 20th century composer Berg.
Illustration and Design | Took this job from sketch to completion under the art direction of Bill Geenen at CenterStage
I art directed MICA student illustrator William Niu and created this poster for The Young Playwrights Festival at CenterStage. This program gives k-12 kids a chance to submit a play for a chance to have them fully produced on stage.
Elizabeth Winn wanted to tell the story of her recital in a different way. I imagined having only paper dolls and popsicle sticks to tell a story of music spanning centuries. 
I designed and illustrated this poster for a small theater in Baltimore. Stop Kiss is a touching story that follows two female characters who meet and are confronted with new feelings for each other that change the course of their lives. As the story flips between moments before and after a violent attack, they face the wonders and hardships of being fearless and falling in love.