Is common point of view always true or it is an illusion? 
The aim of Freakonomics is to explore the hidden side of . . . everything.
To Provoke to look at the life from different point of view.
Consisting of parts about numerous aspects of everyday life it connects unconnectible: 
waterpool and guns; 
Ku Klux Klan and realty agents,
sumo wrestlers and school teachers. 
From unusual perspective.
As the book itself, cover illustration also consists of parts, parts of everyday life. 
And allows to think: should viewer think about common problems differently? 
Optical illusions has the same principle.
Sectors contain few aspects from the book, connecting them by 3-dimentional shapes.
Statistics shows:
Children’s deaths are in hundred times more often are caused by swimming pool falling then gun accidents. 
However, the factor of habit plays it’s dramatic role: parents easily allow their kids to visit their friends with swimming pool in their yard and restrict if they know that their parents have guns in their houses. 
It is an illusion that stwimming pool is more safe? 
My illustration supports this idea: firstly a viewer can see the safe waterpool from top, then he realises that it is another angle, from bottom*. 
Illustration 2: Bagels help to investigate “white-collar crime”.
Who cheats more? The most unexpected fact, opened by sharp-witted businessman Paul Feldman:
employees further up the corporate ladder cheat more than those down below.
I illustrated this illusion: You can not understand immediately, there the right floor is situated*.
Illustration 3: SUPERMAN exists! 
At least he destroyed Ku Klux Klan! 
The fact is:
Adventures of Superman  radio show killed the essence of this organization: it shared their passwords over all the country, kids were playing in this game!
At the first look, superman and the klan’s members existed in different planes, but they are connected* by inventiveness of Stetson Kennedy.    


The project is a serial of illustrations for Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, cover and 3 interior illustrations, made for P Read more
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