Electrical bike
I spent few months to work on this incredible concept bike. I present here the sketches, the photoshop rendering and the 3d model I have done for this project. I wanted to create
it's a bicycle that echoes with the same athletic allure as PEUGEOT SR1 concept car, with a sculpted body frame, equipped with the latest technologies 
I have imagined a unique, tough posture, that would give this object the power to impress, to be outstanding, something that would haunt people’s imagination – that’s its signature
It’s a unique balance between fullness and emptiness, with some “ghost effects” as for the rear wheel and the suspended back light. At different areas I have “omitted” matter so that the brain could recreate lines throughout emptiness, as I intended giving a sense of lightness and pureness to its design 
Its whole attitude has been inspired by an athlete in full action