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    Nokia job Application Project
Nokia Ovi - Redesign
A job application at Nokia

Excerpt from my Job Application Project [Nokia Interactive Designer/Ovi store redesgin]

The current Nokia Ovi Store design is clearly based on the Apple iPhone Apps site.

However, since no-one does Apple/Mac like Apple/Mac – I propose that the Ovi Store should have a distinct look and feel from the iPhone Apps Store, based on strong Nokia/Ovi branding.

The current Ovi Store lacks ‘punch’ in both look and usability – think it should be more immersive [use of shadows], exciting, and cooler.

What distinguishes the iPhone Apps site is the Information Architecture of the site – it feels simple to find content - Apps are bucketed into easy, contextual categories : Apps for Money, Apps for Work, Apps for Play, etc .. as well an engaging, humanising Staff Picks section, which lends a user-validated quality to the Apps and subtely hints at their robustness and universal appeal.

I believe the IA/usability of the iPhone Apps site is what Nokia/Ovi should mimick, not the visual style. In comparison, the Ovi homepage merely offers a selection of Apps randomly, and uses negative CTA labelling such as "Find Content" / "Search for Content" and "Search for content for your phone". These labels imply hard work on the users’ part to get their desired content.

The nav structure is also confusing as it contains sub-page links to Application / Games / Audio&Video, when in fact all of them are Apps. Categorising the content by it’s nature is not as effective as categorising it by it’s usage context [as iPhone site has done so well]

Withso many Apps to choose from, users need a series of clear paths to refine theirsearch/browsing. If the iPhone apps site is a metaphorical crossroads, clearlysignposted, then the Ovi Store site is a dizzying muti-lane highway with manyoff-roads.

Visually,I used the theme of the brand tagline [‘Connecting People’] in the backgroundtextures, and used strong signal colors to denote interactive features on thepage. I mimicked iPhone site bucketing into user-contextual categories whilealso offering a sitewide search. I also included the Nokia logo to reinforcethe Ovi logo, as I felt the current Ovi site was not connected enough to theNokia brand.

I do appreciate that the current Ovi logo is different, but I went with thestronger one I had found via an online image search.

Current Ovi store site: