2009 - ARM tablet
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    Concept of a tablet using ARM processor and including a keyboard base
The ARM tablet is a design concept made after I realize that it is really hard to use properly a touch keyboard on most of current tablet. Also, most of customers still thinks the traditionnal keyboard is the best way to input text... So I explored a way of combining the touch screen that we carry on the go and the keyboard who is here, but discreet when using touch, and that can be removed to use in a more comfortable way in a desktop mode.
In a layer architecture, the screen is on top of the keyboard... and separated visually by a colorful line to give a color touch to the product.
The back of the product is the back of the keyboard, it is a very thin aluminium cover with rubber feet.
The screen is attached with the keyboard through a magnetic lock, so we always carry it with us if we suddenly need to type something in a cafe.
At home or at the office, the screen can be detached and placed in a docking, allowing the user to have a heavy use of the keyboard, while keeping the mobility of the tablet if suddenly needs to go outside.